Who we Are

data insight
data insight

A blend of data, insight, digital and web

Starting with the Now, we leverage data to support lead generation and customer value programmes that deliver value from Day 1.

We provide the vision and capability to evolve your data driven marketing to orchestrate relevant, one to one engagement across all channels in real time to create long lasting, valued and mutually beneficial relationships.

Our Values

We don’t want Uncommon Knowledge to be the biggest data services business in the world, but we do aim to make it the favourite. 

You’ll find us to be restless, creative and passionate.  We believe in honesty and plain speaking. 

Our thought leadership has been valued by some of the world’s leading brands where our work has proved to be transforming. 

Our mission is to use our experience to provide knowledgeable clients with creative and pragmatic solutions that deliver measurable value.

Our Approach

With 2 decades of providing database marketing solutions to some of the World’s largest brands, you’d expect us to be unashamedly data driven wouldn’t you? But data without context, or the ability to do something with it, is meaningless.

We find, assemble and improve it, build systems to manage, maintain and visualise it, then we squeeze the value out of it through analysis and in fully optimised marketing programmes. 

Technology plays a key role in all this – but it’s not the point of what we do – only the enabler.

Our Founder is an established data and insight Guru with an unrivalled track record

Simon Lawrence’s passion for the industry has already helped to transform the B2B data industry over the last 20 years by:

Launching the UK’s first dedicated B2B Conference and establishing the B2B Awards – still an established key event in the B2B calendar

Creating brilliant innovative segmentation products that bring an understanding of psychology to bear in B2B targeting and communications

Sitting on Councils and Committees for the DMA and the IDM

Writing and delivering content for IDM diploma courses across the years

Meet the listeners, the interpreters, the solvers and the strategists that can help you get more value from your data.

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