Simon Lawrence Launches Uncommon Knowledge

This week sees the launch of Uncommon Knowledge, a data, insight and solutions consultancy, spearheaded by B2B data guru Simon Lawrence.

The new venture, founded in response to well-documented shifts within and convergences between the worlds of data, marketing and business strategy, will work with clients looking to employ a strictly data-first approach to their enterprise.  Uncommon Knowledge is the solution for businesses who want to reconcile unrivalled data insight with commercial marketing intelligence and understanding.

Central to the proposition is a partnership with Atelier Studios – a market leading full service multichannel digital media agency – in which Lawrence has invested to become equal co-owner and Commercial Director.  The acquisition includes creative and communications planning, which is informed by the data and insight provided by Uncommon Knowledge.  The consultancies will work together to provide clients with an effective amalgamation of premium design and truly integrated, data driven solutions that maximise the value of data.

Lawrence has a strong heritage within the business-to-business data solutions industry.  As the proud founder of data and analysis provider, Information Arts, he successfully grew the brand into one associated with quality and innovation. They are providing direction and value to major blue chips in the UK, Europe and the USA.

Renowned as establishing the first dedicated B2B Conference to share excellence, Lawrence also co-founded and sold the B2B Awards to reward excellence in B2B.  As recognition of his relentless passion and dedication to the B2B data solutions industry, Lawrence was voted amongst the Top 20 most influential people in B2B Marketing by his peers.

Uncommon Knowledge launches with a portfolio of clients, including Rygor Commercials Ltd, a Mercedes commercial vehicles dealership.

Simon Lawrence, CEO and Founder, Uncommon Knowledge comments:

“For many years, data has been treated as a periphery by businesses that habitually retrofit insight to creative and strategy.  In my experience, many longstanding data agencies and consultancies are still acquiescing this practice, resulting in an industry that doesn’t ever reap its true value.  

“I set up Uncommon Knowledge not to give data a facelift but to position it as the only true foundation of creative and strategic marketing.  As marketers and businesspeople, technology and experience has put us in a stronger position than we ever have been to devise smart, measurable and accountable marketing for our brands.

“Our close partnership with Atelier Studios will afford us a seamless proposition for our clients.  I am confident that their exceptional digital and creative offering powered by the unparalleled market intelligence of Uncommon Knowledge will result in a valuable and compelling proposition for our clients.

“Together we will prove that building a strategy founded on strong and perceptive data insight has the capacity to deliver impressive and sustainable businesses. This will not just survive but prosper in even the most challenging of economies.”

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