Simon Lawrence live on The Marketing Blog

An article penned by Simon Lawrence is now live on The Marketing Blog – “Integrating marketing strategy with predicting the procurement process”.

“Ten years ago, we were delighted when B2B marketers started to move away from the use of disposable cold lists with no prospect nurturing programme. Today, we are glad to say that there is general recognition that data deserves more respect: it should be cleaned, managed and communicated with judiciously to build a relationship and rapport.

So we reached a stage where our clients were able to profile their customers and prospects, and talk to the best prospects with an appropriate offer. More recently, we saw that marketing automation tools promised tailored and personalised marketing communications on a one-to-one basis, with the aim of moving customers along the sales funnel effectively and efficiently. We like marketing automation; it takes the effort away and ensures greater measurability of marketing investment and ROI.”

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